Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Another promo for The New Girl!

You know…I don’t normally get all pissy about representations of the girls are dainty/guys are porn-watching slobs stereotype, because as stereotypes go it’s often not all that inaccurate.  However—and I will be the first to admit that I take umbrage at this partly because I take umbrage at everything Zooey Deschanel does—this kind of annoys me.  Why does a show about a girl living with guys have to be such a clear-cut clash of the sexes?  Why does she have to wander cutely around their pizza boxes in her faux-tribal print skirt?  Do you think the producers of this show are embarrassed that the movie Threesome takes a more complex view of gender than they do?*  I have had guys as roommates and best friends and, although I’m probably in the bottom 30% for daintiness, there is nothing abnormal about girls and guys drinking beer and hanging out together, without the excuse of romantic relationships or mutually exclusive sexual orientations.  In addition: could it be that there are some girls out there who eat all the cereal and watch a lot of porn?  PUEDE SER?

SMOKE SOME POT AND SHAVE YOUR ROOMMATE’S HEAD, ZOOEY.  Be a bro.  Be a buddy.  Make us proud.

*Which, all of its contrivedness aside, is also A STEPHEN BALDWIN VEHICLE.  You know what sentence I should never, ever, ever have to write about shows premiering in 2011?  ”THIS SHOW KNOWS LESS ABOUT WOMEN THAN A STEPHEN BALDWIN VEHICLE.”  Jesus, you guys.

EDIT: And while I’m taking umbrage at things, let’s talk about how the bachelor pad in this show is a HUGE, LIGHT-FILLED LOFT filled with POTTERY BARN FURNITURE and EXPOSED BRICK WALLS, with a few dirty dishes and beer cans strewn around it.  Smlehh.


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