What are people saying about Sarah Marshall?

"You should have more math jokes on here."
—My best friend’s roommate 

"I called you Tonya in an earlier email, and I just noticed it, and I feel terrible. Sorry! Nice of you to let that one go."
A magazine editor I worked with on a piece about Tonya Harding

An anonymous commenter, responding to a blog post in which I suggested that Edward Cullen drink Bella Swann’s menstrual blood

…In turning to discuss the speculation by early reviews over the gender of [Jane Eyre’s] author, you might say something as simple as ‘Early reviewers speculated over the gender of the novel’s author.’”

One of my grad school professors

"Sarah Marshall’s short story ‘Patrimony’ is a brave new take on the Southern Gothic… Each layer of hell is wholly believable." 
Mary Florio, NewPages.com

"There’s nothing quite like fiction about ghostly children, and 'Petal' is a particularly haunting tale. Marshall has a real ability to give us just enough details to provoke our imagination without overdetermining it, giving the story an uncanny and eerie quality. The writing itself is incredibly palpable, beautifully rendered line by line. This is exceptionally well-written fiction, with real emotional and psychological depth crammed into a very small space.”
—Brian Evenson

Your writing is like a…uh…uh…an angel…wrestling with a log.”
PEN/Faulkner Award finalist Charles D’Ambrosio