What are people saying about Sarah Marshall?

"You’re like the female version of Mitchell.”
My boyfriend

"Your David Lynch impression is kind of just your regular voice."
Also my boyfriend 

"You’ve grown from a homely caterpillar to an obnoxious butterfly that won’t go away."
My best friend’s ex-boyfriend

"You should have more math jokes on here."
—My best friend’s roommate 

…In turning to discuss the speculation by early reviews over the gender of [Jane Eyre’s] author, you might say something as simple as ‘Early reviewers speculated over the gender of the novel’s author.’”
One of my grad school professors

Your writing is like a…uh…uh…an angel…wrestling with a log.”
PEN/Faulkner Award finalist Charles D’Ambrosio 

"I called you Tonya in an earlier email, and I just noticed it, and I feel terrible. Sorry! Nice of you to let that one go."
A magazine editor I worked with on a piece about Tonya Harding

An anonymous commenter, responding to a blog post in which I suggested that Edward drink Bella’s menstrual blood